Jan 24, 2011

True love, The rain, Life isn't about how....: From My Mailbox-4

This Love story is from my Mail box, so touching! 

I remember watching a Holly wood movie, with the same storey. I am not able to remember the movie name now. 

If any one of you can remember please post it! 

Special Thanks for my brother, Harry Nihal, for mailing me this. 

The Rain

It was a busy
morning, about 8:30, when an elderly
gentleman in his 80's arrived to have
stitches removed from his thumb.
He said he was in a hurry as he had an
appointment at 9:00 am.
I took his vital
signs and had him take a seat,
knowing it would be over an hour
before someone
would to able to see him.
I saw him looking at his watch and
decided, since I
was not busy with another patient,
I would evaluate his wound.
On exam, it was
well healed, so I talked to one of the
doctors, got the needed supplies to
remove his sutures and redress his wound.

Harish Jeyaraj, Ko, Tamil album, Download : Another Bang!

KO, another music album from Harish Jeyaraj, after Engaeyum Kaathal.

 Good melody, great music!

Watch the Trailer below, I have also included link to download this album.

Have fun.


Jan 16, 2011

273,301,445 Website!!!

According to the recent survey from Netcraft there is 273,301,445  active websites, it is a very big number and its growing dramatically!

Apace is dominating the market with 59.13% of the share, followed by Microsoft with 21% and Google in 4th place with 5.53% of the share.

The most interesting thing is Google’s 5.53% share is hosted in its own servers like Blogger, Google App Engine etc. Compared to December 2010, Google has dropped  0.32% in Jan, because lot of bloggers are moving to Word press or hosting their own site.

From above figures it is crystal clear that there is lot and lot of websites to check, we cant check and read everyone of them. Everyone have their own favourite websites, like I do.

I am sharing some website which I feel is very informative and Interesting. Everyone out there is most welcome to share your favourite websites.

Unimaginable Technologies!

Hello Friends!

The following information that you are going to see will definitely amaze you. These research is going on for many years, lot of money is being invested, lot of scientist working day and night to make things real.

Things we have imagined will be given life!
In this post I am sharing some videos that will explains the great technological bloom we are about to experience!

1. Mind Control
This is a very difficult task, our human brain is very complex, reading the Electrical signals generated by out human brain is very difficult task,  because of the design of out Cortex.
Emotive Systems, recently released  EPOC headset, which has 16 sensors to listen to the various activities of human brain.

Jan 15, 2011

Movie week

I managed to watch 3 movie this week, all downloaded!

A slight overview and some links to watch and download these movie.

1. 127 hours

Another magic from the Slumdog millionaire director, Danny Boyle. 

Fighting for life, the value of life was clearly pictured, i would say! 

Very interesting fact is, its a true story. 
A classic movie from beginning till last 30 minutes. If you are weak hearted, Pregnant, please don't watch this movie.

iphone 5!!!

I am very much excited about the upcoming Apple iphone 5. It will be a technically flourished gadget. Designed, crafted with advanced technologies, everyone wanted to have one.

Apple have bagged lot of patents recently with new cutting edge technologies. Apple one of the top 50 patent filling companies in the world!


what will be in iphone 5? here comes the answer

Jan 12, 2011

Indian Vacuum Train

Have you seen the dirtiest Indian railway tracks? Have you ever wondered how this can be cleaned efficiently?

Here comes the Revolutionary idea! No more dirty tracks!

Indian Engineers have designed a Vacuum train or a vacuum cleaner to remove the garbage from the train tracks. Probably this would be the most powerful and largest vacuum cleaner in the world! 

An old unused engine is transformed to a moving cleaner! A compressor attached to the diesel engine, which sucks the garbage from the tracks into the garbage bins placed in the engine compartment. 

Jan 10, 2011

Etching away the name!

This is the first moment in my life, I really felt ashamed!
It was 2005 I believe, every one in my hostel was sad, I came to hear the new. My friends father passed away!, I can't believe, tears in my eyes! And on all others!

We decided to bunk the class and booked a travel van. I can't remember the number of friends we went.
It was a long journey, we started in the evening, now its night, still on the way, our estimated arrival time was 7am next day.

Its now 30 min to midnight, suddenly we  struck in heavy traffic in a NH- National Highway.  Everyone wondering, we can see Police on the road.
After few minutes we realised, it was a Police check post, I thought, good, our Police are looking for some criminal, to stop crimes. But, I came to realise the criminals are looking for the Police! Can't understand wright?, you will shortly.

After another few minutes our travel van stopped and a Police man came towards us
Police: " who are u people"
Driver : "College students"
Police: " where are u people going this night?"
Driver: "condolence "
Police: " come down and meet our officer"

Jan 9, 2011

My Friends Oil Painting!

 Painting is a good opportunity to exhibit ones creativity and talent! Its an Art! not all people can make wonderful paintings!

Here is some amazing work by one of my Best Friend! Here are some sample explaining what is called as “Raw Talent”

Small introduction about the Artist
Name: Ramesh Kumar R
Mail: ramesh.patriotic@gmail.com

I don’t know any big artist,  but i would definitely say he is a great artist!
The oil paintings you are about to see, will blow you out! It a  great combination of Colours. I would say its like, ‘Making a Chocolate Cake’, get the mixture correct, it will be WOW! else, u know!

Here “Imagination worked very closely with Talent!” I am admiring a lot. Only some people can present there imagination exactly as it is!  its a example for that. If you ask me to paining something like this i will take years and i cant make the magic like this!

Here we go..

Microsoft Kinect for PC?

Have you tried the Microsoft Kinect controller? if not should try! Amazing...
I walked into Sainsbury 2 months back and found the advertised Kinect controller for sale and more interesting a demo unit!
I was so excited and walked towards it, it detected me and a male avatar appeared on the TV.. oh my God! that was good. It is very responsive and detected all the actions I made.. I played bowling but, managed to miss the target completely! first time right but, will get it!

I am sure many would already own one.. I also wanted one...
But now what? moving to the next stage!

Jan 6, 2011

En mudal kavidai!!

This is my First Tamil Poetry, which I wrote in the year - 2001. I am huge fan of Actor Vikram, I have used his movie names and wrote as a Love poetry.  

காதல் செய்ய வேண்டாம் என்று சொல்ல வில்லை!
தில் ஆஹ செய் உன் காதலை!
த்ரில் ஆஹ இருக்க வேண்டும் உன் காதல்!
சமுராய் வண்டியில் வந்தாலும் சேது ஆகி விடாதே!
தூள் செய் உன் காதலை!
ரைட் பெறுவாய் உன்  வாழ்வில்!
சாமி துணை வரும் உன்னுடன்!
ஒ போடலாம் சீயன் விக்ரம் மை போல!

Please feel free to post your comments.

Jan 2, 2011

Farwell Video B.E- 2004-2008 Part 1

Hi friends……
“College life most colourful pages in… Book life” – the main tag line for our farewell presentation, it was  written by one of my class mate, Imran khan.
I along with my friends Ramesh, Imran, Venkat, Dinesh, Jaffar, Santosh and many more spend 5-6 hours in making this 10 min video. We never felt the time, it was a great feel. It’s not only a video for formality, it is a replica of feelings!
My friends and i wanted to screen the sweet memories of our 4 years journey, our fun, our work, our love, our friendship, everything and everything. Please feel free to post comment about the videos.

I cant forget that last day in my life, neither my friends. College life is the best periods in everyone’s life. We had fun, we enjoyed every moment, i cant express that in words, it’s simply, above all!!.....
DSC05931Our college is very strict, everyone in our state knows that, we struggled a lot to arrange  this in-house farewell party, we have planned to screen a video and make our friends to share their experiences. After a long struggle we managed to get half an hour permission only to screen our presentation with ‘High Surveillance’,  as you are thinking now, its pity,yes, very pity.
We are so energetic, our presentation was in a memory stick, we connected 2:1 creative speaker to make it more lively, we like to hear everything hi-tech, the arrangements was quick, only 15 min. Its time, everyone, so eager to watch the presentation. We know its our last day in college life.

iphone alarm not working!!!!!!

Hello iPhone users....

The recent bug from Apple........
iphone alarm not working from NewYear- 2011. What a gift from Apple to all the iphone users!!!

Jan 1, 2011

What to be expected in 2011???

Hello Friends…..Smile

“Happy New Year” to all out there… hope u are having a great start already….
Its been a long time since i blogged… feeling very bad…i wanted to write and write but i am not doing as i want.. 
one of my new year resolution is, to write at least 4 post in a month… that is not enough for me.. i should  post at least 30 a month…
i wanted to share things that happened in 2010.. By God’s grace last year was a good one to me.. “ First Job”, and lot more..i will list down now and will work towards that…My list is as follows...