Dec 29, 2012

Thank you Sachin–from a fan!

23/12/2012 will be one of the unforgettable day for most of the cricket lovers, it is the day the 'God of Cricket', 'Little Master', 'Master Blaster', ‘The Great’, One and Only Sachin Tendulkar retired from ODI, that's it? it may be for few, but not for most!

I know this day will come, but it came bit soon.

I can't thank Sachin enough (as a humble fan) for his contribution to the great sport called 'Cricket' and the great memories he has given us to cherish through out our lives. I am sure there is going to be plenty of blog posts regarding Sachin's retirement, numbers, achievements and so on. In this post I don't want to go into numbers or his achievement, I wanted to share what Sachin mean to me as a fan and shed my feelings.


I can’t remember the day I started watching cricket, the only thing I can remember is, I started watching cricket with my cousin brother Harry Nihal and I started watching cricket Sachin playing and I am still watching cricket for Sachin. I cant forget the days I celebrated Sachin's each runs with my cousin brother, school, college friends and family.

I can’t forget the day that people ask “what is Sachin’s score”, and no interest in knowing team score.

I can’t forget the days people switch off television once Sachin got out!

I can’t forget the days people celebrate Sachin century as their personal achievement.

Well, I am one among those people I mentioned above! I am sure you also belong to that group!

Everyone know how great he is and the great things he has done, the most interesting thing I have learned from Sachin is, his strong attitude to fight critics, his mental strength to overcome obstacles. He is my role model, as for most of us. The lessons I have learnt from him helps me in my day today activities, at work and wherever it is applicable.

When situation demand more from me in life, at work, when I am under severe pressure, I take a silent moment, deep breath and think about this great man. When I think about the pressure Sachin experienced for many years, the criticism he has been facing many years, mine looks like a lost pebble in the beach sand. He also taught me, us. how to answer to the critics and how to react under pressure.  

The above is just one of the examples from a million. He is thoroughly motivating and exciting.

As we have heard so many times, he did hold the nation in his shoulders for the past 23 years, in recent times few percentage of the people didn't give him the respect he deserves, which is really disappointing and disheartening. If I feel this disappointed, just image how much the great man would have been disappointed? cant find a word to describe that.

But now he has retired from ODI career, we wont be able to see him in Indian blue jersey any more, no aggressive pull, no square cure, no classic straight drive, no outstanding cover drive, no upper cut, no paddle sweep, no reverse sweep, no helicopter shot etc, etc and etc!

No more Sachin… Sachin.. Sachin…Sachin.. in cricket grounds..very disappointing..

To be extremely honest with deep sadness, I am happy that Sachin retired from ODI, it is not because more youngsters will be playing, it is truly because he wont be under any more criticism and wont be blamed for the teams defeat.

The only happy news is, he will be still playing Test Cricket, I am sure he is working hard as he was doing for the past 23 years for the challenges ahead.

We, I am, really blessed to watch Sachin batting with the Indian blue jersey. It is a big shame that the next generation wont be able to witness the magic he does with his heavy willow.

One of Ravi Shastri’s famous commentary "today he used his bat like a surgeons blade, precision" 

I am really blessed, because I had the greatest gift of meeting him, taking photos with him and got his autograph! read about my exciting experience in my previous blog, Hallelujah I Saw Sachin!

My all time Sachin's favorite innings was his back 2 back centuries in Sharjah against the might Aus!(I still watch that at least once a week) how can I forget the 2 CB series finals, 2003 world cup against Pakistan, the great superman innings of 200 runs vs SA, and the greatest achievement of his life, 2011 World Cup, I can do this for many hours, but I would stop here.  

One of the best videos regarding Sachin have a look and enjoy his achievments.

Some fast facts about Sachin- Facts

I am not sure how I can watch India playing ODI matches without Sachin? well, I am also retiring from watching ODI matches. Yes, It is a pure selfish act, but I would happily accept the blame.

Thanks again Sachin!

Calvin Christopher

Mar 19, 2012

One Big Change!

Everyone should be treated equally in our society, but something is stopping that from happening. There may be many reason behind that but I think one change will change lot of things in our Society.

The Caste system! I know it may provoke feelings in few, honestly I feel eradicating Caste, will lead us into a great lovable society!


I am so angry over this caste system, My friends are not able to get married to the one they Love! Where on earth we are living if we can’t spend rest of our life with our loved ones? that is a pitiful state!

Girls belongs to few caste are not able to chase their dreams,  no higher education, marriage at a very young age, so many restriction, lack of exposure and so many, how will a society/country develop?

Recently I realized, in India caste is so important than anything, it is important than religion and your existence as humans! I can’t understand the reason behind this, the way I see is all the humans are made up of the same Red colour blood and flesh, but how this caste separates me from my fellow mate? any one can answer this question? 

Caste doesn’t belongs to one religion, it is the biggest problem in all the religions, all over India. It is part and parcel of our culture.

Christianity entered into India without caste system attached to it, but once it reached India, it had it caste add-on! now caste system in Christianity is enjoying its golden period. 

All the religion in India is not teaching us the real principle, truth behind each religion, it is bent to blend in to our culture. Why Christianity is preached differently in India compared to UK, US and other western countries, with the same Bible?

I can understand the evolution of caste in India, but it is getting aggressive day by day. Politicians are using caste as their weapon, is it right?

One may argue caste system is to give equal opportunity to people in our society, but that is not a point for argument! as everyone aware, more people in India have died because of Caste & Religion based riots, so is it sensible to have that?

What happens if we completely scrap caste system in India?

What happens if schools, colleges and other application form in India didn’t have a caste box in them?

What happens if there is no job quota for castes? no caste based seat reservation?

The point I am trying to make is everything should be based on Merit!                                         The government, along with Non-profitable organizations should sponsor talented students, sports person,  which will solve all the caste based problems & questions. There is number of Non-Profit organization in India working towards a common goal, will it be a sensible idea for the Government to bring all the Non-Profit organization together and work with them toward a common goal?

This wont happen overnight, it will take lot of time, it will start to happen only if we take some initiative and sow a seed! To make this happen, there should be a political revolution, young blood who respects peoples lives and values should  enter politics.

The basic mentality of people should change, people are still believing inter-caste, inter-religion marriages will spoil their life, I will never accept this. One should understand the essential thing in life is Love, not Caste! Love people around you, respect them, think they are also the same as you, think them as your Brothers and Sisters as we say in our Indian National Pledge!

Once this Caste system in eradicated from society no politicians can gain caste votes. The one & only way they can win the elections is my good principles and good beneficial plans for people, which will also bring lot of fresh legs into politics. Can anyone can’t see our society/country developing from eradicating caste?

I would like to Quote one of my friends word on these

“While the caste excuse is to from groups I see it nothing more than a milder version of mafia! More people have died due to religion and caste related conflicts than any other disease or war!
It is only when they understand the insignificance of their existence and respect every other human as a equal will all this come to an end!” – Udaya Prakash

Eradicating caste is not end of the story, it is just the beginning!

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Feb 20, 2012

My Unforgettable Travel

Its everyone’s dream to visit United States of America once in a life time, its my dream too and that came true with my new Job! I never expected this would happen, but it did, Praise the Lord!


My trip to US gave me new exposure about life, people, culture and how the world is functioning day in and day out. It’s a different part of the world, where people have the liberty & support to excel in their field of interest & excellence!

I am a young Process Engineer working in a manufacturing industry, an industry which has new challenges everyday, keeps me busy and hunting! 3rd month in my new Job, I was given the golden opportunity to travel to US to attend DOE-Design of Experiments training, I was extremely excited and so keen to fly to the country, which I often call as “Country of Dreams” My company booked my flights and hotel for my training through Expedia, the best way to travel!

Finally the day came, I was sitting in the training room in Highlands, Illinois, US! I reached there very early, I got lot of time to taste an American sandwich, which tastes the same as all over the world! setup my laptop, with my universal adapter! checked my mails, dropped a line to my boss and parents, that I reached here safe and good.

After a hour later all the trainees started to turn up and soon the hall was full and ready to go! I am the only who travelled a long way for this training!

I observed a Gentlemen sitting in the same row as I am, few seats away from me. He was young, sharp minded, speaking to everyone, like he met them before and he was carrying a great attitude. The trainer entered the room, we were asked to introduce our self, name, division, role, interests & on!

Hearing from few trainees I realized, I am the youngest trainee in that room, until the gentlemen sitting in my same room introduced himself.

He introduced himself as Stephen Jimenez from Texas, he is working as a 6 sigma black belt expert, his introduction was extremely impressive and stood out from the rest! he was so frank and mentioned he is not from an Engineering background, he does things that his heart feels correct and it is working well for him. He takes ideas from experienced shop-floor workers and implements those to increase the productivity, reduce scrap, etc., he wont take any credits for their ideas! he gives all the credit to the shop-floor workers, that makes them happy and makes them to work even harder!


From left - Stephen Jimenez & I

He said “ I am a normal guy, who works on pure common sense”

To be honest, his introduction broke my mind set, to achieve in life, degree is not essential! The important thing is to perform! be passionate & determined in what you do and that will take you to heights!

He mentioned his achievements and that was very impressive, he is straight forward, bold voiced, determined, great attitude! he was only 25 years old, the same age group as I am! I was thinking, to get an attitude like this, at at young age, is something special!

He offered me a lift to and fro to the training, as both of us, along with few trainees stayed in the same hotel. That gave me good opportunity to know more about him.

Just a few lines about me, I am so passionate and determined to change things, if that is not correct, Stephen also has the same character, but his methods are different to mine, this is the main reason that attracted me to his character! 

That evening after training, few of us decided to go a Popular Steak house, for our dinner, known as Popeye's chop house! I ordered the famous New york Strip, and started to talk! I asked to Stephen to tell us about him! I wanted to know how he got his great attitude, his past life.

The truth is he was an Ex-Navy Seal! one of the toughest, challenging positions in any Navy around the world!

He volunteered himself to the Navy after the 9-11 attack, when he was only 19 years old!

He said “ I just wanted to go there and take revenge for those who lost their life in 9-11 incident, we are not afraid! we have to show the enemies what we are capable of! if you are killing my fellow country men, I will destroy you!”   I had Goosebumps in my hands, and tears in my eyes! I never met anyone like his in my entire life till date!

During his 5 years service he travelled to 25 countries all over the world. Gunned down many militants in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, saved many innocent civilians! he also took few bullets in the war from the enemies, in his legs, plates in his both legs and slip disk in his back! oh God! and still he wanted to go back and fight for his country!  

I asked him how does he feel every night after killing someone! He said “ that is not a pleasant experience, my job is to keep my fellow soldiers alive, bring them safely back to their family! I do whatever I can do in my powers to make that happen! I never worried about dying, I wanted to live a worthy life before dying!”

What can I say after that? my blood was boiling, I truly felt ashamed, that I am working in another country for a MNC, and not working for my India!

He is so Patriotic! he is always ready to sacrifice his life for his country! as you can imagine, I was not able to sleep that night!

He taught me many things about life over my training period! During our training, we as a team performed exceptionally well in many group events!


DOE Trainees

The one thing he shared will be always stored deep into my heart! “A good leader is one who makes his team work toward his goal, without the team members realizing that they are working towards the leaders goal!” He mentioned this is what he is doing at work! Using shop floor workers ideas to complete his goals and corporate goals without them realizing they are working for him! that is impressive, according to me!

Before my trip to US I tried to implement many ideas, but I always felt resistance from shop floor workers,but his thought is really helping me now!  I am sure it would help the reader also in a some occasion.

This trip changed me a lot! Now, I am eagerly looking to pursue my long time goal, I.P.S officer, and even more than that! I am still in touch with Stephen, who is really an exceptional character I met in my life! 

I wrote this article to share my experience with everyone out there and also an entry article to Indi Blogger contest, Around the world with Expedia!

Many Thanks for reading and voting

Calvin Christopher