May 24, 2009

IPL Season II

The Great Entertainer for every Cricket Lover… IPL (Indian Premier League)

IPL season II is in it's last day... A great season we had… right??  Great matches… Great display…

The only, great, disappointing factor is, it's not in India. 
Mr. Lalith Modi, the chairman of IPL Promised, IPL -3 will be in India. Let’s hope for the best… 
IPL was moved out of India because of our Elections. 
They should have delayed IPL right..?? 
The fact is no Players would be available after our Elections…They have their own National Duties to perform!   

It was in its own critical time… 
Mr. Ray Jennings, Former South African coach, stated “IPL is for Men, not Boys.” It’s almost correct. The performance of players makes that genuine.

Have a look at the Top batsman of IPL-II

May 23, 2009

From My Mail Box-1,

Great Mail!!!
An American decided to write a book about famous churches around the

So he bought a plane ticket and took a trip to China.

On his first day he was inside a church taking photographs when he
Noticed a golden telephone mounted on the wall with a sign that read
"$10,000 per call".

The American, being intrigued, asked a priest who was strolling by what
The telephone was used for.

The priest replied that it was a direct line to heaven and that for
$10,000 you could talk to God.

The American thanked the priest and went along his way.

Next stop was in Japan. There, at a very large cathedral, he saw the
Same golden telephone with the same sign under it.

He wondered if this was the same kind of telephone he saw in China and
He asked a nearby nun what its purpose was.

She told him that it was a direct line to heaven and that for $10,000
Could talk to God.

"O.K., thank you," said the American.

He then traveled to Pakistan , Srilanka , Russia , Germany and France .

In every church he saw the same golden telephone with the same "$10,000
Per call" sign under it.
The American, upon leaving Vermont decided to travel to up to India to
See if Indians had the same phone.

He arrived in India , and again, in the first church he entered, there
Was the same golden telephone, but this time the sign under it read
Rupee per call."

The American was surprised so he asked the priest about the sign.
"Father, I've traveled all over World and I've seen this same golden
Telephone in many churches. I'm told that it is a direct line to
But in the US the price was $10,000 per call.

Why is it so cheap here?"

Readers, it is your turn........ Think .....before you scroll down...

............ ......
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............ ......... ......... ......... ......

............ ......... ......... ......... ......... ......

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............ ......... ......... ......... .......... ......

............ ......... ......... ......... ......... .......

............ ......... ......... ......... ......... ......

The priest smiled and answered, "You're in India now, Son - it's a
This is the only heaven on the Earth.


If you are proud to be an Indian pass this on!!!

May 22, 2009

A Perfect Sweep!!!

A clean and perfect sweep as Sachin does! The little master of the game

This time it's by Dr.Manmohan Singh and team VS Mr.Advani and team…I believe it’s a majestic win. A win, teaching a strong and effective lesson to the other parties.

A Lesson!

Out of 543 seats UPA (United Progressive Alliance) congress and Co, won 262 seats… Almost, majority of seats... And they just need 11 more seats to prove their majority.

Is UPA winning a great lesson to NDA (National Democratic Alliance), led by BJP and Co..????
I think and I believe it is and it should be..!!! I am hard on them!!!!

As we all know India is a Democratic country, with different believes, culture, community, people, etc.
Is it acceptable to use religion as a clout..????

It was successful for them in the past, while we were sleeping, while we believed them. That took that   as an advantage. They taught of killing people’s emotion and desire under their boots. They taught people were dumb, they can’t do anything…but now they must have realized.

We showed them, we are not sleeping any more, any more!!! We are not going to let the country in the hands of one, who use people’s emotion as Vote banks…!!!!   I am not totally against NDA; they did something beneficial for the country while they were in power. I hate their policies…their principles… their mode of proclamation and delivery.

Before the Elections we had some serious issues like 26/11, a Black day in Indian History. Some external anti-elements were trying to shake the peace and glory of the nation. At that moment we all stood together and lot of campaign were made. Even 26/11 is digestible… but it is not unacceptable, nor unforgivable to digest or forgive the internal elements, which are trying to demolish our peace, democracy and to differentiate people.   

They should understand there is lot more than religion. People, glory and heritage
 Younger generations are raising their heads in Politics; it’s a great sign for the nation. But, even some youngster like Varun Gandhi, who was grown in this glory of the country, was trying to destroy its decorum.  I am really feeling ashamed of him!!! Shame on you…

I am not in total support for UPA too... they too had some downfall in their previous years. Hope they would perform better this turn.  I want to see a stable, potential government for India.

Ok… I believe situation won’t be the same in the years to come.

Some things about our PM 

Please go to Google and search Dr.Manmohan Singh, u will find a Wikipedia, big full page about our Respectful Prime minister. He is the most qualified Prime Minister in the world!!!

Please check his CV on the following link….

We can say what a Man!!!

Great Personality, ruling our country, we can breathe freely, India is in safe hands!
He is determined in making a new Government, which is transparent, safe and corruption free.
They had a talk with DMK headed by Dr. Karunanidhi, which has 18 seats to support UPA. The talk was about the cabinet ministers. UPA agreed to give 6 ministry seats for Tamilnadu and it was not accepted by DMK. They demanded 7 seats, more over they wants Mr. T.R.Baalu and Mr. Raja in the cabinet. But Dr.Manmohan Singh rejected their request; it was against the considered of their port folio.  They were knows as inactive, corrupted ministers in the past. I think it’s an indication form the PM to form a good Government.
U will ask me… only those 2 are corrupted, inactive ministers???
Definitely not, it’s a sad thing. We are also in the top list of bribery..!!!  
Let’s hope this new Government will build a Great India for all!
Friends please comment… I might be wrong… let us discuss…

May 12, 2009

The Great '7'

Great “7”

Windows “7”, names professional right…? Yep... it is. Windows “7” is the next OS that will be launched by Microsoft by the end of 2009, hopefully! A bit of history and versions are discussed below. I have written my experience with Windows “7” in this blog.

I installed Windows “7” beta 32 bit version once it was launched that was rocking, now I am using Windows RC1 32 bit version it’s amazing!!! I am eagerly looking for the launch of “7”.

How it looks to me…? Do I like that..?
I feel this version is great, so happy. It’s really faster than XP! Believe me…! I read lot of reviews and testing results from various magazines before installing it on my Dell Inspiron 1525 Lap. The version was “7” Ultimate and the configuration required for installing is much low than what it is asked for Vista Ultimate. All Normal Pc with 1 GB Ram will support this OS. I was a fan of windows XP. I used Vista few months and was not satisfied with that, so I moved back to XP. One of my friends is using Vista 64 bit version and he loves that, it might be due to his higher configuration machine. I was not interested in Vista because of its compatibility problems, high memory requirement, slow processing, etc.., so I purchased my laptop without OS and I installed XP to my Lap, original version!! I regularly used to test most of the software’s; install, work, uninstall… lol, this is a good experience but it will create problems to u r machine. I like to have an OS, which is handy, user friendly, supportive and durable. This OS almost does all those things. Even though it has most of the codes from Vista, this is good.

Installation and others….
Installation was fast and furious, boots faster than XP and fast shutdown. There is no compatibility issue with “7”. Software’s that was not working with Vista working with “7”, it accepts all the software’s. I tried using tweak, Nero 6 and many more. The most interesting thing I didn’t install any driver for my wireless. Once the installation was done I opened the new gorgeous IE 8 and started browsing, great…! I didn’t install drivers for my sound card, webcam and graphics card for my Lap, the OS supports the machine driver. It’s working far better than before. But if u want to use a 5.1 surround system u have to install the suitable driver for that. The “7” beta had a feedback link at the top of every applications; happily it is not in RC1. “7” tries to solve all the problems occurred during the process. When software was not installed properly, “7” activates its own installation, trying to reinstall the software with its minimum limitations. Once an error occurred in the system it checks the reason for the problem and tries to solve the problem. It will give out solutions; else it will get good online solutions. There are many antivirus available specially designed for “7” application. U can find that online through the Action Centre

Features and stuffs…
I have to say about IE 8, it is good. It provides good security, fast browsing. It has private window option, which can be used for checking banking details and other personal details, the things entered in private windows is never saved. If u r using many number of tabs in IE 8, if one of the tabs got stuck, the other tabs will be keep on working. This feature is a new feature; it will help us in browsing without losing all our information’s. It has features like Accelerators, Web slice, smart screen filter, but it also has some flaws. I suggest it is a must in every ones PC. My rating to IE 8 is 3.2/5. More about IE 8 in another blog. Please download and try IE8 from the following link.
Back to our “7”, Microsoft has added Action Centre with “7”, which checks the PC regularly; alerts us for updates, virus and antivirus updates. But in some cases Action Centre talks too much… but don’t worry we can shut its mouth also. I feel this is a good one to have. The media player 12 is a new arrival with this OS. As usually it is good. It had some new feature also, now playing window is small and compact, equalizers are good. It automatically synchronize all the devices connected, but it does not synchronize iPods…lol... it won’t right, unless a bond between PC and MAC.
The Ms-paint and Word pad looks good and looks more or like office package 2007. It also has sticky notes, windows media centre and lot more. The calculator and the time and date settings window in taskbar is attractive and impressive. The most attractive feature is the transparency. It is far better than Vista. The desktop is arranged neatly. The library takes cares of this. The start menu can be moved to all the sides of the screen. The icon are neatly arranged, the minimized windows can be previewed by moving the mouse pointer over that. The number of pages opened will be arranged in groups, the arranged pages can be viewed easily and can be closed during viewing itself, it’s impressive. No hassle with the pages and windows. The icons in the taskbar can be rearranged according to our need.

A bit more…

XP user’s have to backup their system and to install a fresh copy of OS, but the Vista users can upgrade to “7”.
RC1 was released after beta; they are closing toward the end product. The drawbacks and the feedbacks were considered seriously my Microsoft and lot of additional features were added to RC1…please check to get a detailed understand about the updated RC.

My “7” looks gorgeous right..? I love it… You would get a great feeling while using this OS… it’s something that can’t be explained... Please have a try….
For a good and reliable PC, have windows “7” OS, windows live, messenger, writer, photo gallery, outlook, office 2007. It would ease u r task and save time. Most people say “7” is nothing different to vista; it is partially correct and not more than 45%.
Check for latest products, don’t forget to check Microsoft Photosynth, it is amazing product,

History and stuffs…
The name has a good history, pretty interesting. Blackcomb was renamed Vienna in early 2006, and again to Windows 7 in 2007. Hear what Mike Nash, Microsoft's vice-president of Windows product management said regarding the naming
“The very first release of Windows was Windows 1.0, the second was Windows 2.0, the third Windows 3.0. Here's where things get a little more complicated. Following Windows 3.0 was Windows NT which was code versioned as Windows 3.1. Then came Windows 95, which was code versioned as Windows 4.0. Then, Windows 98, 98 SE and Windows Millennium each shipped as 4.0.1998, 4.10.2222, and 4.90.3000, respectively. So we're counting all 9x versions as being 4.0. Windows 2000 code was 5.0 and then we shipped Windows XP as 5.1, even though it was a major release we didn't want to change code version numbers to maximize application compatibility. That brings us to Windows Vista, which is 6.0. So we see Windows 7 as our next logical significant release and 7th in the family of Windows releases...There's been some fodder about whether using 6.1 in the code is an indicator of the relevance of Windows 7. It is not. Windows 7 is a significant and evolutionary advancement of the client operating system. It is in every way a major effort in design, engineering and innovation. The only thing to read into the code versioning is that we are absolutely committed to making sure application compatibility is optimized for our customers [1].”
Windows Vista, the previous OS from Microsoft was build from scratch, but Windows 7 was not. Microsoft took lot of feedbacks from millions of user before developing this OS; they don’t want this OS to go wrong. As the first step Windows 7 beta was officially released on January 10. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions were available. The build number is 7000.winmain_win7beta.081212-1400; existing installations of the beta will continue to operate until August 1, 2009. On 5 May 12, 2009, the release candidate, build tag of 7100.0.winmain_win7rc.090421-1700 was released for public my Microsoft. The RC of windows 7 can be downloaded directly from Microsoft website. The RC can be used for free till 1st of June 2010. That sounds good, but the headache will start from 1st of March, yep… really!! The system will restart once in 2 hours before months of expiry. Microsoft will notify 2 weeks before the auto shut down starts. So please mind u r system clock. But I believe, before it happens hackers will find a solution to this problem.

I believe “7” would be better than the old, gold XP and it would rock the market for sure. I love “7”, hope u will also. It would mark “7”, 4/5.

Pease comment to this blog… I love to take u r feedbacks… please feel to post u r queries.