May 24, 2011

Our Charity Website

“We belong to the fortunate class of people who are thankful to God for a lot many things”

Yes, the above statement is true, its a part of the welcome message for our Charity website, written by Ramesh Kumar, he also designed our Charity logo.


I need to share an very important news to every one out there, honestly I can say its a very big achievement for all of “US”.

So, who is “US”? 
We are the Students of Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, EEE Department 2004-2008, we are called as “Fuseblowers”!!!

What have we done? 
The answer is, we have successfully launched our Charity website! Yes, we did it, its part of our dream! dream of 66 students, and its Alive now!! Its a moment to cherish!

A brief intro about the evolution of our charity. 

First, our charity is named as “Anbudan” it means “With Love” yes with love, we are ready to help everyone out there with lots and lots of Love. Its a beautiful name came up during one of our Charity meetings! Hats off to the one who gave this name to the Charity!

We are so passionate in helping people, the seed for our Charity was sown in our hearts during our 2nd year college life, during our visit to Thirupathur Blind School. I will post an article about the great work we did there.

Please check our Charity website its Anbudan, Check our Vision – Mission and lot of posts to follow.

We are eagerly and whole heartily working towards our Charity registration. Please Check our Facebook page and like our page and please show your support. We are in Twitter too.

We will update our on-going projects and anyone willing to Volunteer, help us is most welcome!!!          
Please post your Comments/Suggestions/ideas its very important for us.

“Working happily for a happier environment” Please join your hand with us and we will happily works together!


May 10, 2011

My Clicks 1, Photography


One of my recent clicks, I felt like sharing with all you guys. Please check and post u r comments.

I am so eager to be a part of photographers world! Any suggestions, ideas is appreciated.

The below picture was taken using Sony DSCW380, which has Song G lens.


Calvin Clicks


Calvin Christopher