Feb 8, 2008

Black India

I am proud to be an Indian.
Our country is growing faster and faster. Surely it will be one of the powerful countries in the world in the coming days. But for that to happen we should do something for our nation. It’s really important that we should take part in it. Even though India is growing in major portions there is a part India lacks behind. I will call that as black India. Lots and lots of funds are scheduled for the welfare of the people by the government but the people receive only quarter of the scheduled funds. No proper roads, no proper systems. Bribe became an official word. Not even a pin moving without bribe. In all major cities we can see skyscrapers not only that if we move deeper into major cities we can see people sleeping on roads, people live in hurts near drainage and people workout in hot sun with only a small strip of cloth around their waist. Is India really growing? Or the major group pretending so.

Lots of good plans are planned by government but only a small portion is executed. Many have account in Swiss bank but major don’t have not even in their home. “MONEY MOVES ALL” is the upcoming slogan in today India. People who have money will succeed others will have to beg for their rights. Is this the thing people expect? Government jobs are given only for lakhs not for talents…4L, 8L are the starters in any government office. Politicians eating a lot of people’s money, it can be said they are dinking people’s blood. Is that surely needed for them to survey? Many people call them as “political BEGGERS”. We have the second man power in the world, pool of talents, but we are not leading the world. Can’t this be changed? This is a democratic country all people have rights to speak. We the pillars, we the future should consider this, we should take some promises, some goals. If we starts working according to our conscience then the day India 2020 is not so apart…..


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