Jun 23, 2011

Change is Easy?

Source: Rimarkable
Gadgets a Guy thing? that was the case years back! Guys own the latest, high technological gadgets.
Things never the same now! Everything is changed! 
If we walk back into old history, it says, change is not easy but, recent history says change easy! Girls also started buying more advanced gadgets as Guys does, but still long way to go for them!
Let me come into the topic
Months back my friend and I wanted to buy a new smartphone. We were arguing about the best phone in the market, pros, cons, reviews, opinion from friends and all sort of things.
I was not worried about the design, it doesn’t matter for me, if its thick or thin, the important criteria for me is performance, I wanted a phone with  minimum 1Ghz processor, 5m pixel cam, touchscreen, good earphones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, latest OS and so on.
My friend was in her own world! her specification is extremely conflicting to mine! she wanted a stylish phone, didn’t worried about processor, cam features, all she wanted is an attractive phone that grabs everyone’s attraction!
Finally we decided and bought our phone of choice, we are happy with what we have opted for!             
I got an HTC Desire and she went for the all time favourite iphone -3GS!
It clearly explains, selecting and owning gadgets has lot to do with our personality, character and more than that. I am an Hardware Engineer by profession that triggers my gadgets selection. Most of my friends know the kind of gadgets I am interested on, and all my gifts are handpicked, according to what I will expect from that gadget.
My dad gifted me a Dell Inspiron 1525 in 2008, while I decided to do my Masters in abroad, I am still using it and loving it! I received a free, Windows 7 ultimate OS from Microsoft for part of Windows 7 beta testing! I really love to spend most of my time with my laptop, browsing, blogging, watching movies, playing games.  Windows 7 + IE 9 +office 2010 really rocks! You should try it guys. For more Dell laptops please visit Dell page. I am looking to upgrade to another Dell i3 processor laptop.
I also received a Microsoft, wireless,  blue track technology mouse as my birthday gift. It's amazing and it is exactly doing as said in the description. 
As mentioned above, whenever I wanted to buy a gadget I look for latest technical advancements in the market, that is me, I have closely observed lot of other people buying gadgets, everyone's option is completely different, everyone has their own choice and options.
During my college days, I used to advice desktop configuration for my friends, apart from budget, the way I recommend depends on the person itself, not only me, if we visit to any PC shops, the way the sales guy recommends a product will be based on who we are, its mainly on what we ask for and that will dictate who we are!
I am so picky in selecting my gadgets, spends lot of time, reads lot of reviews, visit shops to get a hands on feeling before buying one.
My friend is gifting me a Nikon D5100 very soon! its a gift! I came to know to know about my gift recently! I am so excited! It is a very good cam, enriched with features. Its the proof how my gadgets represent me and how I express myself with the gadget choice!
The final words before I finish! Always, Live as who you are! it makes make the world moving!
Guys, please pour your valuable comments, it is highly appreciated!

Jun 17, 2011

PC Pro Magazine, Issue 200, 201 & 202

Hey Friends


I am reading PC PRO magazine for the past 3 months and I am loving its contents. Lot of topics covered, good reviews, more over very, very interesting articles and a full DVD of latest good software’s, very useful. The articles I read in last 2 issues were really shocking and we all need to be very much aware of those stuffs. So I am sharing those things with you all guys! Please read and pass on.

To be honest with you all its a very good magazine,if you are thinking of subscribing any new technological magazine, I would say go, for PC PRO, the subscription starts with good initial offer, so that you can smell the magazine and feel the taste, if interested you can carry on, else, just kick it out! (cancel your subscription anytime)

3 magazines for £3 good deal right?

June – Issue 200

Few bits about Windows 8, ipad 2, Latest Processors,  Wi-Fi, Future of Kinect, IP v6, very good ultra value laptop reviews.

I am looking to buy a laptop for my Sister and this review gave me a very good idea about the market out there. They have picked up the best value laptops and they have spotted the best place to buy those laptops.

Lab Winner – Toshiba Satellite C660 – £395 (Including VAT) – www.laptopsdirect.co.uk

PC PRO Recommended – HP G62 - £448 (Including VAT) – www.saveonlaptops.co.uk

If we spend some time browsing, definitely we can pick up some good deals online!

The shocking thing in this article “CONFESSION OF A COMPUTER REPAIR MAN” click the link and read the full article.


Words of a Computer Repair Man: “The trick is to give the computer a good tune-up clear any adware or malware that might be sling down the machine. There’s no real need to actually install the strips of RAM that the client has paid for” source : PC PRO

While reading the article I started thinking about the days when I used to give my PC for service and get shocked on seeing the bill! Its all part of the game right? Its not only happening in India, it is happening all over the world!  

July – Issue 201

Windows 8 Expectation, Evolution and progress of Libre Office

10 Tech Firms That Blew It – Very good information about Nokia, Real Networks, Quark Express, Iomega, Palm, AOL, Yahoo, Friends United, Dec Alpha and Sun Microsystems.

All the above companies didn’t blew up completely, but missed ample of opportunities to grow.

My favourite on is Yahoo, once the search giant, now searching itself in Google!

The very interesting part about Yahoo is, in 2002 Yahoo tried to acquire Google, but Terry, the CEO was not happy to pay $3 billion for Google! now Google worth $184 billion!!!!

The same happened again in 2006, now its Facebook, Yahoo was not happy to pay extra $1billions, now Facebook value is $50 billion. Very interesting right?

Another Interesting article is


 “MOBILE DATA RIP-OFF” – It was a daring article, I have to say! All the hidden stories about all the UK mobile networks, is Ripped off!

Among 3, Vodafone, O2, Orange, Virgin, BT- 3 gives a good offer for Data Roaming.

The unlimited is just for advertisement! purely! they claim unlimited data, but in small letters it will be written “Fair usage”!

I am using Vodafone, before few months while waiting for broadband connection I used to connect my mobile to my Laptop and use the mobile internet on my laptop, it has a acceptable speed! after 2 days I received a call from customer care saying that

Sir, You will be charged for any more data usage!!

what?, I was told I have unlimited data usage??

The guy said! Sir, Its should be under fair usage!!

What is Fair usage?


Oh.. oh…here comes the moment to truth! The same with all network except 3, which truly gives unlimited data service and the speed was very very good, because the network was build with data in mind!

There is an interesting comparison about roaming price in that article. After checking the comparison I understood why my friend was charge £100 as roaming charge for checking few email abroad! It was the great O2 network, few of my colleagues have even paid "£1500 – £2000 as roaming charge for checking mails abroad! what a shame! this is how they make money!

DVD - It comes with Free Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2011 – in PC PRO labs it achieved 100% performance and in my Lab (my laptop) also it does the same!

August - Issue 202

I received this issue few days back, haven’t started yet reading, allocated for this weekend journey!

I will just run through the menu, there is few interesting articles, as always!

100 Technologies that changes the world, Super zoom cameras,CSI smartphone,more news about Windows 8 and a full DVD of free software’s