Feb 12, 2011

Egypt Protest, Celebration, Freedom



IE 9 RC, High Tech Browser

Now, its Microsoft turn to impress us with IE9 after the mind-blowing Xbox-Kinect.

Its not the final version, it is the Release Candidate, the final step before the big launch.

To be honest, it is pretty awesome. I was using IE Beta version for the past few months, as the name suggest it was beta, not the best. The user experience was great but, lot of bugs.

Accessing Facebook using IE 9 beta was a nightmare, even in compatibility mode the text were not aligned properly to the posts.

Even, I had troubles accessing Hotmail and the home page never gets updated!

Almost everything is fixed now, the time for the great experience begins!

Egypy Protest, People Power!

'People Power' can change anything.

Check the below picture for some great pictures regarding the Egypt Protest.


Feb 11, 2011

Valentines Day - “Love to celebrate”

Happy Valentines day to everyone!

A special video for this day “Love to celebrate”

Watch and celebrate
Valentines day

Its a day, that reminds us to “Love and Love, all human beings on Earth!” 
 Lets be human and explode Love! Happy Valentines day wishes!

Feb 4, 2011

Android 3.0, Honeycomb, tablet OS

Here comes Google’s new OS, specially designed for Tablet’s - ‘Honeycomb’.

As always, Its simple, elegant and impressive. Google is the only in the war against Apple.

This release activates more expectation on the upcoming Google Chrome OS, for Netbooks and may be PC's or even to Google's desktops!

Watch the video below which talks more about the Honeycomb.

Feb 2, 2011

Feb 14th, Say No to Petrol! Lets make a difference.

I received the following mail this morning from one of my Friends. 
It has been forwarded to number of mail addresses and I am not able to trace back the writer. 

This mail is very important! As everyone know, Petrol price in India is touching its peak, its uncontrollable at the moment. 
This initiative will make a change to the current situation, let's believe! 

Read, share, forward to all your Friends throughout the Country. 
More than that Please try to Follow this. 

Feb 14 not only Valentines day, but also a day to remember!

Mail Content:

Creativity Starts from a Belief!

Hi Friends

I found this video from one of my Friends, Facebook page. 

Great video to be honest! Very inspirational, more than that, its 100%true.

I felt sharing with you all guys.. Enjoy the video and post u r comments.