Dec 29, 2012

Thank you Sachin–from a fan!

23/12/2012 will be one of the unforgettable day for most of the cricket lovers, it is the day the 'God of Cricket', 'Little Master', 'Master Blaster', ‘The Great’, One and Only Sachin Tendulkar retired from ODI, that's it? it may be for few, but not for most!

I know this day will come, but it came bit soon.

I can't thank Sachin enough (as a humble fan) for his contribution to the great sport called 'Cricket' and the great memories he has given us to cherish through out our lives. I am sure there is going to be plenty of blog posts regarding Sachin's retirement, numbers, achievements and so on. In this post I don't want to go into numbers or his achievement, I wanted to share what Sachin mean to me as a fan and shed my feelings.


I can’t remember the day I started watching cricket, the only thing I can remember is, I started watching cricket with my cousin brother Harry Nihal and I started watching cricket Sachin playing and I am still watching cricket for Sachin. I cant forget the days I celebrated Sachin's each runs with my cousin brother, school, college friends and family.

I can’t forget the day that people ask “what is Sachin’s score”, and no interest in knowing team score.

I can’t forget the days people switch off television once Sachin got out!

I can’t forget the days people celebrate Sachin century as their personal achievement.

Well, I am one among those people I mentioned above! I am sure you also belong to that group!

Everyone know how great he is and the great things he has done, the most interesting thing I have learned from Sachin is, his strong attitude to fight critics, his mental strength to overcome obstacles. He is my role model, as for most of us. The lessons I have learnt from him helps me in my day today activities, at work and wherever it is applicable.

When situation demand more from me in life, at work, when I am under severe pressure, I take a silent moment, deep breath and think about this great man. When I think about the pressure Sachin experienced for many years, the criticism he has been facing many years, mine looks like a lost pebble in the beach sand. He also taught me, us. how to answer to the critics and how to react under pressure.  

The above is just one of the examples from a million. He is thoroughly motivating and exciting.

As we have heard so many times, he did hold the nation in his shoulders for the past 23 years, in recent times few percentage of the people didn't give him the respect he deserves, which is really disappointing and disheartening. If I feel this disappointed, just image how much the great man would have been disappointed? cant find a word to describe that.

But now he has retired from ODI career, we wont be able to see him in Indian blue jersey any more, no aggressive pull, no square cure, no classic straight drive, no outstanding cover drive, no upper cut, no paddle sweep, no reverse sweep, no helicopter shot etc, etc and etc!

No more Sachin… Sachin.. Sachin…Sachin.. in cricket grounds..very disappointing..

To be extremely honest with deep sadness, I am happy that Sachin retired from ODI, it is not because more youngsters will be playing, it is truly because he wont be under any more criticism and wont be blamed for the teams defeat.

The only happy news is, he will be still playing Test Cricket, I am sure he is working hard as he was doing for the past 23 years for the challenges ahead.

We, I am, really blessed to watch Sachin batting with the Indian blue jersey. It is a big shame that the next generation wont be able to witness the magic he does with his heavy willow.

One of Ravi Shastri’s famous commentary "today he used his bat like a surgeons blade, precision" 

I am really blessed, because I had the greatest gift of meeting him, taking photos with him and got his autograph! read about my exciting experience in my previous blog, Hallelujah I Saw Sachin!

My all time Sachin's favorite innings was his back 2 back centuries in Sharjah against the might Aus!(I still watch that at least once a week) how can I forget the 2 CB series finals, 2003 world cup against Pakistan, the great superman innings of 200 runs vs SA, and the greatest achievement of his life, 2011 World Cup, I can do this for many hours, but I would stop here.  

One of the best videos regarding Sachin have a look and enjoy his achievments.

Some fast facts about Sachin- Facts

I am not sure how I can watch India playing ODI matches without Sachin? well, I am also retiring from watching ODI matches. Yes, It is a pure selfish act, but I would happily accept the blame.

Thanks again Sachin!

Calvin Christopher

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