Mar 19, 2012

One Big Change!

Everyone should be treated equally in our society, but something is stopping that from happening. There may be many reason behind that but I think one change will change lot of things in our Society.

The Caste system! I know it may provoke feelings in few, honestly I feel eradicating Caste, will lead us into a great lovable society!


I am so angry over this caste system, My friends are not able to get married to the one they Love! Where on earth we are living if we can’t spend rest of our life with our loved ones? that is a pitiful state!

Girls belongs to few caste are not able to chase their dreams,  no higher education, marriage at a very young age, so many restriction, lack of exposure and so many, how will a society/country develop?

Recently I realized, in India caste is so important than anything, it is important than religion and your existence as humans! I can’t understand the reason behind this, the way I see is all the humans are made up of the same Red colour blood and flesh, but how this caste separates me from my fellow mate? any one can answer this question? 

Caste doesn’t belongs to one religion, it is the biggest problem in all the religions, all over India. It is part and parcel of our culture.

Christianity entered into India without caste system attached to it, but once it reached India, it had it caste add-on! now caste system in Christianity is enjoying its golden period. 

All the religion in India is not teaching us the real principle, truth behind each religion, it is bent to blend in to our culture. Why Christianity is preached differently in India compared to UK, US and other western countries, with the same Bible?

I can understand the evolution of caste in India, but it is getting aggressive day by day. Politicians are using caste as their weapon, is it right?

One may argue caste system is to give equal opportunity to people in our society, but that is not a point for argument! as everyone aware, more people in India have died because of Caste & Religion based riots, so is it sensible to have that?

What happens if we completely scrap caste system in India?

What happens if schools, colleges and other application form in India didn’t have a caste box in them?

What happens if there is no job quota for castes? no caste based seat reservation?

The point I am trying to make is everything should be based on Merit!                                         The government, along with Non-profitable organizations should sponsor talented students, sports person,  which will solve all the caste based problems & questions. There is number of Non-Profit organization in India working towards a common goal, will it be a sensible idea for the Government to bring all the Non-Profit organization together and work with them toward a common goal?

This wont happen overnight, it will take lot of time, it will start to happen only if we take some initiative and sow a seed! To make this happen, there should be a political revolution, young blood who respects peoples lives and values should  enter politics.

The basic mentality of people should change, people are still believing inter-caste, inter-religion marriages will spoil their life, I will never accept this. One should understand the essential thing in life is Love, not Caste! Love people around you, respect them, think they are also the same as you, think them as your Brothers and Sisters as we say in our Indian National Pledge!

Once this Caste system in eradicated from society no politicians can gain caste votes. The one & only way they can win the elections is my good principles and good beneficial plans for people, which will also bring lot of fresh legs into politics. Can anyone can’t see our society/country developing from eradicating caste?

I would like to Quote one of my friends word on these

“While the caste excuse is to from groups I see it nothing more than a milder version of mafia! More people have died due to religion and caste related conflicts than any other disease or war!
It is only when they understand the insignificance of their existence and respect every other human as a equal will all this come to an end!” – Udaya Prakash

Eradicating caste is not end of the story, it is just the beginning!

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